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App ideas for your mental health!

  • Atlas: journaling app for high school students

  • Calm: meditations for sleep + anxiety

  • Girltelligence: support and Q+A given by girls, for girls)

  • Happify: (English, French, Canadian French, Chinese, Japanese, Castilian Spanish, Latin-American, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian) activities and games to help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life's challenges

  • Headspace: guided meditations for sleep, anxiety, focus, fitness, and more

  • MindShift: (French, English) a guide to CBT tools that will help with anxiety, stress, and panic

  • notOk: (crisis intervention) an app that can get you help immediately when you're in crisis with just the push of a button

  • Smiling Mind: a mindfulness meditation app

  • X2: an app that offers a mental health chatbot that coaches people through tough times by text message conversations


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