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Podcasts on various topics within mental health

  • Code Switch: conversations about how racism impacts every part of society; hosted by journalists of color

  • Food Psych: conversations with guests about many topics, ranging from eating disorders to exercise to self-care; hosted by a registered dietitian

  • Real Pod: conversations with guests about success, failure, life, and challenge; hosted by mental health and body-image advocate Victoria Garrick

  • Sleep & Relaxation Sounds: nature sounds, white noise, and relaxation music to help deal with stress, anxiety, and trouble sleeping

  • Take The Cake with Kate Noel: podcast about all things related to health and wellness, eating disorder recovery, lifestyle, and more; hosted by YouTuber Kate Noel

  • Taking Back Your Power: podcast about concepts surrounding self-growth and fulfillment and the spiritual journey of the host, Isabel Palacios

  • The Confidence Chronicles: a podcast that delves into a range of topics regarding confidence including self-love and personal growth, as well as tips to develop listener's own confidence

  • The Daily Shine: a podcast that often features meditation to help listeners struggle less with stress and anxiety

  • The Happiness Lab: Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos educates listeners and offers solutions in taking steps to lead a happier life

  • The Mental Breakdown: podcast that focuses educating listeners on various issues in psychology, mental health, and wellbeing


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